Maggie Bignell

Product designer

I recently finished work as a product designer on Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. I’m currently taking some time to up my javascript game, learn about bad ass women through history, and inhale all of the foods I so desperately missed in San Francisco (meanwhile yearning for my corner bagel shop in Brooklyn). At some point, I’ll need a new job.

While I create my new portfolio, a few barebones examples of my work are below. Get in touch —

How can we communicate 40 years of hard work, public service, and successes? Worked with an engineer, product manager, and content team from initial conception to final pixel pushing. Received 1 million shuffles on day 1.
How can we explain a detailed policy? The first step: making sure I understood it myself. The second: making it personal, tangible, and attached to a dollar figure.
How can we enable supporters to share why they’re voting for Hillary? Four day turnaround, policy-based, and designed to be super simple to engineer (no names, only query params).
How can we create a resource that communicates all of the falsehoods? A product to make our candidate comfortable on the debate stage. Brought 1.4 million concurrent users to the homepage. Co-created with another UX designer.
How can we make Trump’s words feel more personal? This project ended up being a two-screen experience, inspired by Snapchat, that met our success criteria: connecting with over 2 million users in the first day who were not our established Hillary-fan audience.
A tiny sampling of my time designing at Pocket.

Previously (resume.pdf)

Hillary for America June to November 2016

Pocket January 2015 to June 2016

NASA, master’s capstone January to August 2014

Apple, intern June to August 2013

Carnegie Mellon University Master of Human Computer Interaction

Carnegie Mellon University BFA in Communication Design





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